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Terrazzo Floors and Plush Stairs in Sandra Mansour Showroom

Beirut, Lebanon

Marc Dibeh Studio 2018 Sandra Mansour’s new showroom in Beirut‘s Gemmayze district has been designed as a fresh, joyful and timeless space. In this large open volume, the stylist did not want to be burdened with furniture and accessories, highlighting her creations. The starting point was the floor: A seamless casting of terrazzo with different Read More

8 Regional Creative Platforms To Help Your Design Career.

Amman, Jordan

Design education is a constant learning experience which requires designers to be involved in different creative growth opportunities including workshops, courses and programs. In this article you can explore some of the regional platforms that offer co-working spaces, training programs, design-specific workshops, residencies, networking opportunities among other events and services in order to support their Read More

PERSONA Bar and Holder set by Elie Riachi

Beirut, Lebanon

Designer Elie Riachi unveiled his recent collection, titled PERSONA. The collection includes two playful pieces, one is a small bar and the second is a holder. PERSONA are statement pieces made from colored steel and solid walnut wood, where the steel wraps around to create an exoskeleton to hold the wooden component at the top. Read More

Jad El Khoury, Turning War Remnants Into Art

Beirut, Lebanon

Jad El Khoury 2018 Text by Farah Abdeljawad It has been 28 years since the end of the Lebanese Civil War, yet Lebanon‘s landscapes and different generations are still suffering and constantly reminded by the remnants the bloody war left for them. These remnants have become part of Lebanon’s usual scenery the people are used to Read More


Adma, Lebanon

nabil gholam architects 2015 This sculptural, cube-like home responds to its location on the edge of a busy coastal highway north of Beirut by turning a blind, puzzle-box face to the street to better shield inhabitants from the noise and the gaze of passers-by.Punctuated by suspended gardens and corner openings, when viewed from the road, Read More