The Kape’s Showroom and Boutique play with Light and Resin.


Located in Dubai Mall, and D3 is SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*’s most recent venture into the domains of luxury retail space design – The Kape

The Kape Boutique

For the 70 sqm boutique, the light was emphasized as the main factor because of the way it manipulated the earthy and futuristic masses of cementitious resin. 

In the ambient spaces techniques that would result in a relaxing environment were implemented. While the size of the boutique couldn’t be changed, the height of the ceiling was maximized by giving it a ‘tray’ effect. 

The color palette was kept neutral except for the pop of red in the fitting room to add a dramatic effect. 

The façade in the boutique is made from prefabricated cement panels that were delicately transformed using patented molding to produce an interesting wave-like pattern.

Inside, the resin flooring gives way to the other attractive features of the boutique, like the stunning red fitting room and the elegant frames that define the displays.

The Kape Showroom

For the showroom, a balance and harmony were achieved between the overpowering features of both light and resin, specifically between the smoothness of one, and grainy accented veins of the other.

The rest of the premise was adorned with decorations like sofas, hanging bars, and a chaotic fitting room that was gracefully set-up center stage. 

The marble at the entrance is Silver Travertine while that inside the boutique is White Travertine. 

Together the champagne steel panels, ribbed glass partitioning, and flush black frames in matte metal, the delicate glistening of travertine marble lend a dewy soft appearance to the otherwise contemporary design.

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