The Public Living Room by rppl initiative

Rppl Initiative 


Edited by Sundos Abu Reyal


About the initiative,

Rppl (Reviving Public Places in Lebanon) is an initiative to promote the use of public spaces by involving young artists and designers in improving and reviving different public spots across Lebanon. The idea is to combine social contribution with educational activities through encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations and the exchange of knowledge between professionals and students. They operate on several levels, ranging from tours and talks to workshop-based interventions on urban public spaces and rural areas.


  • Design Phase


The Public Living Room in Barado is the product of a workshop that took place during Beirut Design Week 2018. Participants designed and built their proposal under the guidance of professional designers who taught them how to practice woodwork and metalwork skills.


Designers created this place in order to host weekly free events by placing the public under one roof to communicate and socialize through cultural activities.

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Project Information

Year: 2018

Location: Barado, Beirut, Lebanon

Organizers: Rppl Initiative reviving public places in Lebanon

The Team: Céline Saad, Myriam Bechara, and Mona Ghazali.


Woodwork: Rawad Rizk

Metalwork: Naja Rechmani


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