The Villa K

The Villa K
Studio Ko
Tagadert Berber Village, Marrakesh, Morocco


The Villa K was designed with a true respect towards its landscape. The land, a long North-South stripe of rocks and sand, with a slope on both sides, gentle to the south and steep to the west, creates a strong matrix for the project.

Located at the very end of a traditional village facing the Atlas Mountains, its earth blocks create an enigmatic first impression when seen from below. Echoing old surrounding houses, those volumes constitute the ultimate built layer of the village before the great emptiness.




After reaching the main level located on top of an outdoor stairway, a black infinity pool brings the sight far south. Crossing the pool, in a not-entirely orthogonal angle, the house lies, single storey building protected from the sun by a cantilevered pergola made of iron and raw cedar wood, surprisingly wide open onto the scenery.


The simplicity of the design enables to experience a very intimate relationship to Morocco: endless wheat fields, sheep grazing peacefully, a Wadi twisting among the centennial olive trees by not-so-far oases.

The sharp swimming pool reminds of those old watering basins existing in the surroundings. It stretches itself as to reach and embrace the mountainous skyline, making it the point of its own geometrical composition.


While nature around changes, from green winters to golden colored harvesting season, from dry and sandy summers to muddy rainy winter days, the Villa K remains the same.




All images and information courtesy of Studio Ko; © by Studio Ko; All images by Daniel Glaser


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