WAL(L)TZ By T SAKHI Architects

Prompted to reflect on this year’s theme of Dubai Design Week, “Ways of Learning”, multidisciplinary architecture and design studio T SAKHI Architects unveiled WAL(L)TZ. 

Selected to represent Lebanon as one of this fifth edition’s three national pavilions, this curated project was presented as part of Dubai Design Week’s special project space Abwab, from 11-16 November 2019.

WAL(L)TZ is an interactive installation exploring the concept of the wall as a physical and psychological construct, addressing Lebanon’s socio-political climate in recent years. 

“WAL(L)TZ represents the act of resilience in overcoming any obstacle and transforming it for constructive change”

Sisters Tara and Tessa Sakhi

The pavilion is a linear configuration dominated by an omnipresent wall, bursting with life and energy, through cracks, ‘loopholes’ and happenings to overcome barriers and to stimulate connection and interaction.

The brilliance of this pavilion is in the paradoxes between the rigid nature of the wall and the animation of WAL(L)TZ, crafted in recycled foam, hinting to the resilience of Lebanese society in the face of adversity.

The visitors -turned performers- find themselves in a choreographed protest against oppression, in this tragicomedy that is life. 

About T Sakhi

Based in Beirut and Milan, T Sakhi is a multidisciplinary architecture and design studio co-founded in 2016 by Lebanese-Polish sisters Tessa and Tara Sakhi. Their studio places human interaction at the core of its practice, resulting in both permanent and ephemeral social structures. 

Their projects range from architecture, product design, art objects, installations, scenography and most recently, films. Drawing from the emotional and psychological experience of space, T Sakhi’s diverse projects are both playful and interactive 

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