8 Regional Creative Platforms To Help Your Design Career.

Design education is a constant learning experience which requires designers to be involved in different creative growth opportunities including workshops, courses and programs.

In this article you can explore some of the regional platforms that offer co-working spaces, training programs, design-specific workshops, residencies, networking opportunities among other events and services in order to support their local design industry and entrepreneurship across the Middle East and North Africa

Re:Urban Studio

Website: ww.re-urbanstudio.com
Instagram: @reurbanstudio
Dubai, UAE
A design specific membership based co-working space at Dubai Design District.
The mission is to provide a link between design professionals and potential clients looking for projects in the different fields of design.
RE: URBAN STUDIO is a contemporary working space that is fully-equipped to ensure all your requirements are met for you to be creative! they offer new learning experiences for students, graduates and professionals through our design-specific workshops, courses and programs.

Text and Photos: ww.re-urbanstudio.com


Website: www.takweenjo.com
Instagram: @takweenjo
Amman, Jordan
A program which aims to support designers and creative entrepreneurs in Jordan through a series of learning opportunities and community-building initiatives.
Focusing on creative growth, takween offers learning modules, creative mentorship, residencies, a training program, grants and networking opportunities, as well as work spaces and facilities for designers in a creative space in Jabal Amman.

Text and Photos: www.takweenjo.com


Website: www.goethe.de/beirut/fantasmeem
Instagram: @fantasmeem.program
Beirut, Lebanon
FANTASMEEM is a one-year program initiated by the Goethe-Institute Lebanon adopting a holistic approach towards supporting the design industry in Lebanon. This involves capacity building, fostering cultural / social / environmental entrepreneurship, and encouraging collaborations and knowledge sharing.

Text and Photos: www.goethe.de/beirut/fantasmeem


Website: www.tashkeel.org
Instagram: @tashkeelstudio
Dubai, UAE
Tashkeel seeks to provide a nurturing environment for the growth of contemporary art and design practice rooted in the UAE. Through multi-disciplinary studios, work spaces and galleries, it enables creative practice, experimentation and dialogue among practitioners and the wider community.
Operating on an open membership model, Tashkeel’s annual program of training, residencies, workshops, talks, exhibitions, international collaborations and publications aims to further practitioner development, public engagement, lifelong learning and the creative and cultural industries.

Text and Photos: www.tashkeel.org/

Think Tanger

Website: www.think-tanger.com
Instagram: @thinktanger
Tanger, Morocco
Think Tanger is a cultural platform that explores Tangier as an experimental urban space.

Text and Photos: www.think-tanger.com

Design Institute Amman

Website: www.diamman.com
Instagram: @diamman
Amman, Jordan
Design Institute Amman, is an institute serving the region, created to upgrade the design skills and capabilities of regional professionals to enhance the competitiveness of regional businesses through design.
Providing a studied and formal link to the best designers and design institutes in the world, providing the most relevant design knowledge and experience to meet the needs of regional professionals wishing to compete and differentiate themselves on a global scale.

Text and Photos: www.diamman.com

Creative Space Beirut

Website: www.creativespacebeirut.com
Instagram: @creativespacebeirut
Beirut, Lebanon
Creative Space Beirut is a free school in fashion design providing quality creative design education to talented individuals who lack the resources to pursue a degree at increasingly costly institutions of higher learning.

Text and Photos: www.creativespacebeirut.com


Website: www.facebook.com/pg/dezainjo
Instagram: @dezainjo
Amman, Jordan
A platform to help designers take their brand to the next level through support, networking, mentor ship, funding and training.

Text and Photos: www.facebook.com/pg/dezainjo

Feel free to share with us some of your favorite regional creative platforms to be featured in the next article.

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