Al Faya Lodge, A destination of relief.

Edited by: Sulaf Al Halaseh

Photo by Fernando Guerra

Away from the city clamor to a venue of true calmness.
Al Faya Lodge offers a destination of relief and alleviation from the intensity of the city.

Photo by Fernando Guerra

Due to its location at Mount Alvaah into the UAE ’s prehistoric landscape, Al Faya Lodge allows the soul and the body to openly and naturally exist, to speculate the surroundings in your own individual way and time.

Photo by Fernando Guerra

“Purposefully located in key locations throughout the Sharjah Emirate.”

The Duality of time periods and ages of the building created a road of connection with the past. Al Faya Lodge is seen as an intercessor to its ancestors, as it is the re-imagined vision of an old clinic and a grocery shop back to the 1960’s.

Photo by Fernando Guerra

The project is divided by a thorough road creating a dynamic and a charismatic urbanity to the master plan of the area. 

“Two single-story, stone- built buildings …”

The project accommodates various areas with different space function.

Starting with the Restaurant and the reception room that are located on the other side of the property and comprise a dining room, outdoor terrace, fire-pit and a public roof terrace.

Moving to the rooms in the lodge, within each room of the 5 bedroom lodge is a skylight for star gazing.  The luxe room has the added experience of a private roof terrace and a mutual aspect.

Photo by Fernando Guerra

Finally, the addition of the newly built Salt water spa building. The purpose built spa building includes “an open-air salt water pool and three salt spa experiences; heat, water and salt inhalation”.

Photo by Fernando Guerra

“The architecture and the interior interventions purposely contrast the original fabric of the existing buildings.”

The choices of material is contextually and climatically relevant not only to the severe desert climate but also to the historical presence of the building itself.

Steel has been added to introduce and extend the spaces and to accommodate new space functions and programs.
In addition to, Hardwoods and plastered render offered a calm and relaxing tonal change and texture to the buildings which are supposed to evolve and bloom with response to the climate and the lasting-ness.

Al Faya Lodge embodies the ambition of the client and design vision of ANARCHITECT to create a memorable experience, where a unique, passionate and contextual approach to the project has resulted in one-of-a-kind property.

Photo by Fernando Guerra

Project Info

Location: Mount Alvaah, Mleiha, Sharjah, UAE
Total Area: Plot area 8,000sqm
Architecture, Interiors & Furniture design: by ANARCHITECT
Client: SHUROOQ (Sharjah Investment and Development Authority)


It is a multiple award-winning architecture, interior architecture and design practice based in Dubai and London that specializes in delivering bespoke projects for design-conscious private and corporate clients globally.
Founded in 2013 by British architect Jonathan Ashmore, the practice manifests architecture across diverse scales of design with superlative craft, detail and materiality.

ANARCHITECT recently became one of the first Internationally RIBA Chartered practices outside of the UK while still remaining a boutique design driven office, further recognizing our consistent high quality of design and professionalism

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