Alāan Artspace

Nurash Designs
October 2012


Alaan Art Space is a new space for contemporary arts in Riyadh, which despite the novelty of the contemporary art phenomena in Saudi Arabia, launched by the end of 2012 with an exhibition exploring female identity and societal dynamics. Established by brother and sister Neama and Mohammed Al-Sudairy, a gallery, library, restaurant and a shop have been blended into the Alaan Artspace formula. Having been educated and working abroad; the art-savvy owners aim to provide a platform for a growing number of Saudi artists to support the contemporary arts scene. Alaan – which means ‘now’ in Arabic – reflects the energy of the art scene in Saudi and the feeling in Riyadh that a space such as this is long overdue.

Alaan Artspace opened in October last year in the Saudi capital with Soft Power, an exhibition that reflects the growing movement of Saudi female artists. Al?an Artspace is a multi-functional contemporary gallery, educational hub, library, restaurant, shop and coffeehouse located in the heart of Riyadh.  Dedicated to nurturing emerging and established contemporary artists and designers from Saudi Arabia, the region, and across the globe, Alaan Artspace’s program offers both a commercial platform for artists through regular rotating exhibitions and a non-profit educational forum for artists and creative practitioners, art enthusiasts, young people in affiliation with local schools and universities, and families with children across the city.

Alaan Artspace offers unique exhibitions and educational experiences through a cutting edge contemporary art program. Showcasing established and emerging artists and designers from Saudi Arabia, the MENA region and across the globe, Alaan Artspace is committed to working collaboratively with regional and international galleries, museums, visual platforms and publications to produce innovative projects.

A dedicated workshop and seminar area serves as Alaan Artspace’s educational and creative hub, offering a non-profit public program of artist talks, panel discussions, debates and short courses related to the gallery’s exhibitions. Alaan Artspace functions as a platform for discussion on current debates in contemporary art and design hosting a mixture of local, regional and international guest speakers. The space also hosts workshops and activities for young people and children, providing a stimulating environment for learning and exploration. A private bespoke arts advisory service is available on request for individuals and corporations.

Alaan Majlis
Alaan Library

The Alaan Majlis – a meeting point with a café, library and shop – is inspired by Al Majalis Al Adabiya a traditional Arabic coffeehouse arts salon. The Alaan Library houses a selection of art books, magazines and resources on contemporary art and design from the Middle East. It also provides activity books for young people and children designed and inspired by artists working with Alaan Artspace. Books and international magazines are available for sale as well as a selection of commissioned artist books and exhibition catalogues. Along with a selection of objects of art and design, art books, and international magazines, the Alaan Majlis commissions and provides young designers with a platform to showcase and sell their works within its shop.

Alaan Restaurant

Alaan’s restaurant offers a fine dining experience with a seasonal and globally inspired menu. The restaurant features a selection of revolving specials inspired by our artists and exhibition related themes.


Project data:
Location: 280 Ourouba Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Client: Neama and Mohammed Al-Sudairy
Year: 2012
Status: Built
Design Team: Nurash Designs, Shuroug Al-Sudairi
Photography: Al?an Artspace
Identity: Jamal Tayara Baroudy  |  #Alaan  |  #SoftPower
T: +966 (0)1 4159550
E: press@alaanartcom

Info about Neama and Mohammad Alsudairy
Neama A. Alsudairy is the founding director of Al?an Artspace, a project that she first conceived of in 2010 to fill the void in the contemporary art scene in Riyadh. In 2012 Al?an Artspace opens its doors as the city’s first contemporary art space, providing Saudi Arabian artists with a much needed opportunity to exhibit their work alongside their international peers. In addition to directing Al?an Artspace, Neama is an accomplished and practicing artist who has exhibited her artwork across the Middle East and is an active member of the Saudi Arabian contemporary art’s community. She is also an avid collector of contemporary Middle Eastern art and design. She holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from George Washington University, USA and studied fine arts in New York, Boston and Paris.

Mohammed A Alsudairy is the co-founder of Al?an Artspace and head of business development. A young entrepreneur and recent graduate of Suffolk University, Boston, USA with a BA degree in Business Management and Marketing, Mohammed specialises in developing Al?an Artspace’s business and marketing strategies. Mohammed commissions and purchases design merchandise for Al?an’s gift shop, hand selecting pieces from around the globe and sourcing talented designers from Saudi Arabia, across the region and internationally.




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