Cairo, Egypt

Stuffedpigeon is an Egyptian product design house offering simple, functional, creative and unique handcrafted products from furniture to home accessories, to toys and bikes.

stuffedpigeon adopts an open and interactive workshop setting throughout the product development process using the fewest possible resources and materials to achieve functional creativity. stuffedpigeon designs strike a delicate balance between minimalist simplicity and indulgence providing enriching experiences without pretension.



The designer is talking about his work and inspiration “Bringing an old iconic chair to life, by playfully taking my styling cues from the Egyptian culture and simply with adding a minor graphic detail and colors I firmly anchor the iconic Egyptian “El kahwa” chair in the here and the now.”

EL Kahwa” Chair is one of Egypt’s most iconic chairs that you usually find everywhere all over the streets of Egypt. Its iconic design became one of the main reflectors of the Egyptian culture. Inspired by the fondness for the past and the clear desire for creativity, this chair is  an improved version of  “El kahwa” chair that you won’t necessarily find on the streets but rather in a contemporary modern setting. A chair that is known being comfortable, stable and durable that usually lasts for years of everyday use.

I was inspired by how people in Egypt used this chair over time, how they always try renovating it to give it a fresh look, whether by adding colors, covers or sometimes by remove pieces of it and replace it with other shapes. All I did is that I added color to the chair in different complications, either color with wood or with two colors with a modern twist that would lift the chair’s overall look and feel, to fit the modern homes, so that anyone would love to add it to their dining sets.

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