Curves, Arches, Terrazzo and Many More at GIA Restaurant


GIA’s been popping up in the city, and their new branch in AlHamra Mall has a new look to unveil.

A casual go-to eatery, but now with a drinks bar to also satisfy the on-the-goers who sneak out for a quick caffeine or juice boost.

To enhance the elements and spaces, GRID played around with curves and arches to separate the areas. Curves were incorporated in furniture and counter designs as accents. 

The open-space layout created an airy atmosphere which was supported by an earthy color palette. 

Enlarged terracotta and charcoal marble bits in the terrazzo flooring flow into the walls of the cafe and also camouflages itself into the built-in curved benches to highlight the center. 

White elements in the subtly textured walls, elongated subway tiles, and sheer side curtains soften the colder materials, whereas natural tones in the travertine and wood panels warmed up the bigger portions of the space.

To maintain the clean character of the room, the lighting is built into the stone overhead to eliminate the appearance of a kitchen track light. 

This can also be found within the arch behind the drinks counter. The pendant fixtures, arch-shaped mirrors, and the green-filled arch were used decoratively to compliment the prominent shapes.

About the Designers: GRID

GRID is an Identity & Interior Design studio that was founded by the life-long friends and professional partners Shoug Al Ghunaim & Noura Alebraheem.
Our studio has been working with a diverse set of clients developing and implementing concepts that compliment and accentuate our clients’ vision. With a keen understanding and passion for the design world, we aim to infuse the design scene in Kuwait with a measure of originality, a focus on function and a hands-on approach to every project.

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