Design is an attitude: Minjara Editions

Al Minjara
Edited by Sulaf Al Halaseh

Minjara: Reviving Tripoli’s Woodcraft Heritage through the inventiveness of some local designers and design studios minjara creates, through its trusted craftsmen, a line of limited hand-selected pieces that inspires beauty and originality.

Ten Lebanese signatures developed a first collection for “Minjara Editions”. Hand in hand with Tripolitan carpenters, they bring you their creations, hoping to find a way to your heart.


By: Samer Alameen X Okajian

Inspired by history, treasured memories and a sense of tradition, Samer reinvents the objects he creates: his process is witty, concise and refined, adding a new layer of purpose and context where appropriate to traverse both exclusive handmade and one-off pieces alongside those that are industrially produced.

Open and shut series 02

By: Architecture et Mecanismes X Mohammad al Kout

We are the second version of Architecture et mécanismes custom made architectural fittings. We are handles that can be installed on doors, closets and drawers. We can be custom made in terms of scale and finishing.” Most of us are inspired from items used in Tripoli’s wood workshops. And I, the fourth item, am a knob representing Minjara’s location on the map of Rashid Karame’s International Fair

Jue de base

By: Ahmad Bazazo X Mohamed Masri

A simple story, a basic game, and a favorite pastime of the people. Backgammon is played by old and young alike, transcending the physical, social, and economic boundaries of the cities we live in. It is a base of common grounds, one that can be found in the streets and the home alike. All you require is a stool, a base, and a board.

E motion

By: Sahar bizri X Jihad Toros & Jamal Korek

The purpose and the challenge of this collection, is to add life to solid Materials such as wood and metal in a very delicate and soft designs. Using visual effect with the vertical lines, and depth in the elements as 3D effect. which gives a special touch as if the product flow at its randomness.


By: Borgi Bastormagi X Jamal Korek

Borgi Bastormagi have created Hyphen a collection of three pieces, a step ladder, a valet and a rocking chair. Hyphen combines creativity and craftsmanship in a dialogue between the designers and the artisan. The designers focus on the simplicity and elegance of their structural pieces hyphenated by the art of wood carving, a well-known technique among Tripoli craftsmen, applying new skills and ideas to their local know how.


By: 1% Architecture X Elie Mouchahem & Jamal Bitar

The ancestral know-how of our craftsmen holds precious knowledge which needs to be preserved, modernized and adapted to contemporary needs. The objects we are creating all come from the Levantine tradition, reflecting its lifestyle and identity in terms of detail, assembly, and material. We aim to add a contemporary Lebanese touch to the skills of our craftsmen and help rejuvenate and sustain the main core of this industry.

Layers of time

By: MAD architecture X Okajian

This project represents the layers of time.
History is shown through the stratification of wood and arabesque artisanal patterns.
The end products are a creation that mirrors history and transcends the present and the future.


By: Elie Metni X Elie Mouchahem

The story of a nation where communities cohabit despite their disparities but also sometimes get away from each others wether in groups or individually.
This project represents a set of 4 pieces that can be used individually, grouped or combined all together.


Mohasseb + Asli X Mohamed Masri & Jamal Bitar

“The best meal is the one we share with friends.”
Quote from Henri-Frédéric Amiel; Fragments of a diary (1821-1881).
The guests stage this moment of sharing around a good cheese, a pleasant ritual at the end or beginning of a meal. Also during crazy dips!

J Series

By: Thomas Trad X Jihad Toros

Whilst brainstorming with Jihad on this project we discovered that we both had a very strong passion for a specific material: wood. Which is why we decided to put my carpenter’s knowledge and Jihad’s skills to the test. Therefore, all of my pieces are entirely made out of wood using joinery techniques.

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