Discover Contemporary Moroccan Architecture in Villa Z

Mohamed Amine Siana

“Villa Z is a product of very strict city regulations, if not dealt with correctly can ultimately confine the building into a tight square”

The principal intention was to go out of the perception of a cube to answer the client’s program and routine. While also finding the best way to preserve privacy.

The project draws its inspiration from Moroccan heritage and reinterpreting it to new possibilities. 

The intention was to work closely with the client’s lifestyle by building a house that provides discretion and introversion. 

The design centers on the opacity of the main facade by combining the principles of traditional architecture with a new strong contemporary identity. 

Based on intimacy, orientation and basis that is provided by the cube, The design provides fully veiled openings from the outside within the appropriate guidelines and sun exposure.

In the city of Casablanca, traditional modernism has been the norm in recent years, it was a laboratory for some brilliant architects.

This Villa does well no to visually pollute the neighborhood while maintaining a distinct character and is integration as a modern artifact in the city of Casablanca.

The project a chance to develop practical-spaces for the new way of Morrocan life, and finding a balance between privacy and the open contemporary way of life.

Project Info:

Architect: Mohamed Amine Siana
Team: Yassine El Aouni / Rachid El Maataoui
Location: Casablanca – Morocco
Covered Area: 650 M²
Plot Area: 1100 M²Photographs: Doublespace Photography

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