Eco-Tourism Resort

nabil gholam architects
Bodrum, Turkey

Situated on a beautiful hill of the Gökova Bay, East of Bodrum – Turkey, the untouched natural beauty of the site, its breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and sustainable eco-living objectives were the guiding parameters in the project.

01 - eco - sea view of site

Being one of the first developments in the still relatively intact southern coast of Bodrum, the project aims at being a pioneer, exemplary intervention. In an effort not to disrupt the beautiful hill-scape that accompanies the sailboats as they sail against the coast, we aimed to subdue all visible physical presence.  The density was distributed throughout the site meticulously to be able to achieve the program. This led to its division into three major zones: A relatively dense “village townhouses”, low density detached villas, and a clubhouse with its town square.

A thorough 3d site analysis determined the specific areas with their varying degrees of visual exposure from the sea. The townhouses are terraced in the least visible areas. Consisting mainly of 150m² simplexes and 230m² duplexes they are discreetly embedded in linear masonry strata reflecting the ancestral Mediterranean agricultural landscape.

02 - eco - villas overlooking the sea

03 - eco - villas overlooking the sea

This density distribution strategy allowed for the larger “invisible” villas to be then spread out with unobstructed sea views.  All are single floor with a planted roof, and are buried in the sloping terrain to minimize their impact (sizes from 320m² to 630m²).

04 - eco - masterplan

05 - eco - masterplan subdivision

06 - eco - club house perspectiveClub house

08 - eco - villa + terrace

09 - eco - villa + terrace night view

The key planning parameters were:

  • Very careful modeling and insertion in the existing slopes, with virtually no earth movement made.
  • The public facilities, the town square and the clubhouse, are conceived as the only visible structures from the sea. They stand up on the hill like an ancient fortress, as many exist already in Southern Turkey.
  • The main goal of the master plan is to create a place to visit and live all year round in harmony with its environment, history and pristine nature. This is achieved though key factors:
  • The houses are oriented to make best use of wind circulation and daylight. Courtyards inside the villas insure natural cross ventilation.
  • Sustainable transportation through electrical cars and shuttles, paralleled with dedicated paths for bicycles and pedestrians.
  • The adoption of indigenous materials and knowhow with high recycled content; the stone used is from the land superficial excavations.
  • Passive sustainable resources such as double walls, thermal mass, planted roofs and good insulation are used. Trees, trellises and light fabric are used to provide shading.
  • Social and economic integration. The projected needs and activities are designed to offer real participation opportunities for the local community.

10 - eco - village outdoor terraces

11 - eco - site section aSite section

12 - eco - site section bSite section

13 - eco - key section for sections a + bKey section for sections a + b

Project Info:

TOTAL BUA: 53 726 m²
Number of units: 175 + clubhouse
LAND: 263 600 m²

Architecture: nabil gholam architects
3D images: nabil gholam architects

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