EKCONCEPT Architecture Lab designed a minimal working space for their Beirut Office.

The EKCONCEPT Architecture Lab recently reveled their minimalist in-house designed workspace at the heart of Beirut.

The open space at the entrance is considered a working place for the designers to work outside the office space. The designers have placed a coffee canteen inside, a central reading area, a display space, and modeling rooms in a border-less manner.

The design aims for an expression in space where people can sense the proper way to work and live in Beirut, catching the raw spirit of the working environment and atmosphere, where colleagues positively interact with each other.

The interior’s architecture carefully exposed the building frames experimentally, expressing the combination of the inexpensive base materials. 

Project credits:
Architect: EKCONCEPT architects
contractor: HABITAT contracting

About the Architecthttps://ekconcept.com:

Founded in the year 2000 by the French-Lebanese architect Younes ElSayed*.

EKCONCEPT, architecture and design agency composed of architects, urban planners and artists, all united by the desire to design a high-quality architecture and know-how. The methodology of the agency is to develop each project by responding to the specificities of the context from which it came, and that, motivated by the symbolic and historical elements present in the place and the particularities of the given program, the resulting building is a testimony that metamorphoses the city and its inhabitants into a new experience of space.

EKCONCEPT AND ASSOCIATES opened eight years later a branch in Beirut, in order to get closer to their clientele. With a multicultural team, the agency develops its activities which vary from architecture, to design, and urbanism.

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