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graduated in Interior Architecture from USEK University, Lebanon in 2001. After gaining experience and developing his skills as an interior architect throughout the MENA region, Francis decided to return to in 2009 to establish his own design house..

In 2010, began pursuing his life-long passion for furniture design and just one year later, the nayef francis furniture boutique opened its doors on Mar Mikhael, offering a distinctive line of furniture and household items, exclusively made in Lebanon.

Building on the bases that started the project, the Nayef Francis Design Studio is rooted in the art of simplicity. The main aim is to develop a design response that makes the most complicated design process end in the simplest outcome. These outcomes, products or space treatments, provide ample ground for an intuitive user relationship. When the complications of the design process become invisible, the product’s use becomes natural, easy and supportive. Through this balance of simplicity and design complexity we aim at sharing with you designs that are ergonomic, practical and accessible by intelligently reaching to new frontiers of fabrication to furthermore harmonize the modern day industrial object.

Weaved Lamp by Nayef Francis

The other side of the Design Studio’s history lies within local fabrication. As the journey goes on, local fabrication supports us to find the best solutions to make every process easier. As we grow, so should the environment that nurtures us. The support today is growing in the form of our team members’ direct contact with the fabricators, providers and interior designers. Hopefully the future will enable a larger “hands-on” approach that goes far beyond direct team members and more into community giving in multiple chain growth. The growth will be aimed at local design culture, modern material and pioneering technicality. The aim is an interchangeable idea and support hub. This is not stemming from tradition, as much as it is from the awareness that we are as good as the platform we stand on.


Weaved Lamps

Weaved Cube

Weaved Lamp and Weaved Cube
Handmade piece; A combination of beech wood and wicker, The Weaved Lamp brightens up any room with its ambient light and its unexpected style. As for the Weaved Cube, it’s light weight and sturdy. The combination of beech wood and wicker adds a traditional touch to modern design.

Facet mirrors at atelier

Siamese light

From left to right: Broom Light, Bivalve and Sunset Light

The Facet Mirrors are placed on wood to reflect the entire surrounding on its faces. The modular design allows more freedom in the installation, this making a unique image however it’s mounted on a wall.

As for the lamps, the Siamese Lamp consists of two swiveling copper tubes that are easily moved around to light two different spots at the same time, while the Sunset Lamp is made of stainless steel, brass or painted metal, these cone-shaped lamps can be pointed in any direction to form an interesting spotlight on any given area. Moreover, the Broom Light which is a lightweight piece that can be easily maneuvered around a room. Made of stainless steel or painted metal, the unique light feature produces a dramatic look with its bi-directional illumination.

From Left to right: Standing Library and Table Library

Carpenter’s Table

Do It YourShelf

From left to right: Grid Library and Nail It

The Table Library is a reader’s best friend. Solid oak top part is fixed to be used as a coffee table while the revolving middle shelves can be rotated for selecting books.as for the Carpenter’s Table; it is made of suede press strips fixed on a plank. In place of drawers, exposed storage areas make it easy to find papers and stationery.

Inspired by the shelving at “mana’eesh” bakeries, this Do-It_Yourshelf shelving unit allows the separate shelves to be moved and manipulated according to the circumstances and size of the displayed objects. While The Grid Library simple metal tubes blend into the wall making your books the focus without the use of bookends. Additional accessories let you play with the design by adding plants and other items. As for the Nail It; Hanging clothes from a sharp point can stretch out the material. Its wide surface allows clothing to be spread across, minimizing damage. The items can be placed in a variety of different configurations to form an interesting installation.

Cul de Sac

Charlie Chair

Made from leather and a single sheet of black metal, the Cul de Sac is easy to install and alter. With the removal of one single rod, the seating can be removed for repair or replaced with another color. As for the Charlie Chair, it is made to fit the human body. With a slight bounce, the chair’s arms raise your posture making you feel lighter.

Showroom Armenia Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon T/F +961 1 444 711 / 811

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All images are courtesy of Nayef Francis studio.

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