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Founded in 2004 with over 100 team members working out of four city bases in Europe and the Middle-East including offices in Beirut, Stuttgart and in Helsinki, .PSLAB are designers and manufacturers of site-specific lighting products. Their work can be found in private homes in London, art galleries in Beirut, restaurants in Rome, hotels in Paris, conceptual boutiques in Antwerp, offices in Berlin and at events and in public spaces worldwide.

Through a customized project approach they offer a complete service which has allowed them to build ongoing working relationships with their collaborators. Their creative and technical teams work together on every aspect of product development, from concept to construction giving them an edge which is the core of .PSLAB identity. Concepts are born out of the individualities of a space and the products are conceived for specific projects, custom-manufactured by in-house artisans in their workshop and hand-finished with minute attention to detail.



From their project approach, has stemmed an internal library of more than 350 lighting fixtures from past projects. These products constitute internal tools and are a reflection of the evolution of their creativity, designs and manufacturing skills.



.PSLAB and Aesop collaborate to light its newly opened stores in Paris and London


Aesop Store
London, United Kingdom
Paris, France
Brand – Aesop
Studio – Ciguë

– Site-specific response by .PSLAB to light Aesop’s newly opened Paris and London stores
– A collaboration made possible by the two brands’ shared culture and philosophy
– Open dialogue between .PSLAB and Aesop results in a custom lighting solution

.PSLAB and Aesop have collaborated with Parisian studio Ciguë, to light the newly opened Aesop stores in Paris and London. This constitutes .PSLAB’s third collaboration in London, after having collaborated with Mint, an interior design store, since September 2011 and with Bulthaup UK, high-end kitchen brand, since June 2012. .PSLAB chose site-specific products to highlight the uniqueness and modest appearance of each new store and  bring to light the unmatched hair, skin and body products.



The primary aim of this collaboration is for .PSLAB and Aesop to merge their efforts to create a unique lighting concept for each of the two new Aesop stores. The success of this collaboration lies in the similarities between the brands’ culture and philosophy. This is apparent when looking closely at each brand’s approach to their respective and unique crafts which, while seemingly very different, have a lot in common.

The two brands share similar viewpoints on design. They believe in the notion that each space is unique, requiring a unique creative approach. They also both seek materials whose color and texture work well with the space. Whether creating a brand new lighting product or skincare, body or hair product, both brands resort to the environment, the inherent needs and the constraint to guide their creation.


.PSLAB and bulthaup London collaborate during the London Design Festival to light its newly refurbished showroom in Clerkenwell


Bulthaup Showroom
London, United Kingdom
Brand – bulthaup Clerkenwell

.PSLAB has collaborated with bulthaup Clerkenwell to light bulthaup’s newly refurbished showroom in Clerkenwell, London. This constitutes .PSLAB’s second collaboration in London, after having collaborated with Mint, an interior design store, since September 2011. The site-specific products chosen, a combination of standard and custom-made fixtures, are used to highlight the new displays and to create a specific mood that will engage viewers with the displayed products. The launching of this collaboration occurred during the London Design Festival and constitutes a step towards .PSLAB’s future plan to expand to London to be closer to their collaborators.


The London Design Festival served as a vitrine for viewers to witness the result of a successful collaboration. The products responded effectively to the demands of the space. This collaboration holds as a true testament to the bespoke approach .PSLAB follows whenever working on a new project. The established and continuous dialogue allowed for a smooth collaboration and got bulthaup Clerkenwell to place its trust in .PSLAB to create a lighting response that would be in cohesion with their vision for the refurbishment of the space and their new line of products launch.



BURGUNDY, Wine Bar & Restaurant
Beirut, Lebanon
Design Practice – Architectes Anonymes


The high, arched ceiling of Burgundy wine bar in Beirut, with its stark wooden beams stretching rib-like across the wire mesh of the ceiling draw the eye as if into the belly of a whale. .PSLAB’s dramatic lighting interventions into this space have the dual function of highlighting the functional division of the space below into restaurant and bar areas, and creating an astonishing visual signature.


.PSLAB’s team created and manufactured a series of unique chandelier-like objects, suspending them from the exposed wooden beams. Each lamp is made up of steel tubes fanning out from the centre of the fixture at graded angles, light streaming from their circular mouths, rendering a semi-floral yet abstract and modern structure, whose overall curvature reflects the vaulted ceiling above.

The restaurant’s entrance is further lit by black projectors, also set into the overhead beams, using them as camouflage for the technical parts and leaving the lighting element free to rotate the light source as required.

.PSLAB and Architect Pier Giorgio Antonetti collaborate on renowned Pier Luigi Restaurant

Pier Luigi Restaurant
Rome, Italy
Design Practice – Pier Giorgio Antonetti


.PSLAB’s primary aim was to create a feeling of continuity between the individual spaces that comprised the site. The spaces were secluded from each other with the tile and ceiling being the only repeating pattern. The restaurant’s ceiling was somber and adorned with L shaped brass sheets. A major insertion that was both simple and fit with the existing features was needed to avoid encumbering the space. The space utilized elements such as wood and brass and incorporated dark colors so the team selected materials that worked with those elements when designing the concept. In the lower-level wine cellar the dome-shaped ceiling required a concept that incorporated a technical system to ensure functionality of the design, producing a design constraint.

.PSLAB creates architectural centerpiece for residence in Beirut

Private Residence
Beirut, Lebanon
Design Practice – DW5 – Bernard Khoury


.PSLAB’s aim in this space is to highlight the distinguishing features and shape of the staircase, all the while offering a distinctive experience. The staircase is located in a rectangular space with uniform wood cladding on ceiling, floors and walls. It is characterized with a perfectly circular form, with the steps starting at the bottom floor and ending at the top floor with no other connecting points. The staircase has a double volume height and spirals up, shaping its central core.


.PSLAB’s inspiration in this project came from the staircase’s main characteristics. The aim was to create a lighting concept that would not only mirror these distinguishing features but also complement the structure. The constraints encountered came not from the space but from the lighting fixture itself which required special handling to turn a concept into reality.


.PSLAB’s minimalist lighting solution is homogenous with the space’s modernist
style. This result is very indicative of the .PSLAB approach in which the lighting
concept is perfectly incorporated into the overall interior.

Images and content courtsy of .PSLAB


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