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(Arabic for SunEarth) work ranges from architecture, landscape to furniture design.  They shared with us some of their latest experimentation with furniture.

From the designers: ShamsArd is a design studio in Ramallah, created by a group emerging architects with the shared goal of finding creative alternatives design solutions that withhold social and environmental responsibility as a core value.

Born from the belief that architects and designers have a responsibility for decisions they make in shaping futures, preserving natural resources and empowering a community; the studio ‘s objective is to find alternative building materials and techniques that have a minimal impact on the natural environment, create healthy, comfortable spaces and return the most benefit to the local economy.

ShamsArd architects – from left to right – Danna Masad, Rami Kasbari and Lina Saleh

 “Our furniture is made using trash, locally made materials and found objects.  We work with our hands to craft each piece and/or collaborate with local artisans to give new life to things and materials that would be otherwise considered waste. “ Says Danna from ShamsArd

ShamsArd furniture pieces are made with construction waste. They were kind enough to share with us some of their latest designs.

1- Rebar & Plastic Strap Chair

Handmade piece; The rebar used in this chair was collected by the studio from construction sites around Ramallah. The designers explain that short pieces of excess rebar are typically dumped with the rest of the construction waste. The yellow plastic straps used to bind tile or stone are given a second life by being handwoven into the chair structure.

2- 1/2+1/2 Chair

Handmade piece; This chair attempts to create a playful symbiotic relationship between two typical construction waste material, wood and rebar.  Thin hemp rope that is weaved in a random pattern is used as a translucent back support.

The rebars were also found in construction sites used in. The wood used is pallet wood or boxes that wrap glass for construction site.

3- Zigzag Shelf


Handmade piece; This shelf was commissioned for a small library space in Ramallah, The naturally occurring pattern of the zigzag shelf is a result of a long process of development and experimentation to minimizes the use of rebar needed for a free standing bookshelf while accounting for shear forces through triangulation.The process of developing the design involved building many different models for testing, some were at 1:1 scale.

Green chairs, table and library were commissioned for a library in Ramallah.

Photos courtesy of ShamsArd

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