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Winner of the Judge’s Choice Award in 5th INDEX Contemporary Majlis Design Competition 2013.


Throughout modern history, the desert has always been a source of inspiration to writers, artists and designers alike. What it lacks in life, it compensates with its majesty and magnificence. This project aims at capturing its magic by bringing forth the tangible and intangible experience of the desert.

LOCI – Emirati based, culturally driven design studio – believes in the gravitas of a context and the power of the locus to inform its design process and product. LOCI partners, Hani Fallaha and Hamad Khoory take advantage of their global experience and architectural knowledge to promote regional design that relates to a project’s place and immediate local context, hence their slogan ‘Think Glocal’. This design philosophy reinforces their perspective that architecture is not an imported technology but one that grows from the site’s culture, tradition, history as well as its climatic and geographic context of cultures and tastes.


Inspired by footsteps left in the sand, the Flow Majlis concept came about by the idea of leaving behind your memory for someone else to discover. With sand giving the Majlis its fluid structural integrity one has the ability to sit down and shape his/her own seat to what suits them best. Derived from the Bedouin ideology, Flow allows people to sit low to the ground, which reflects humbleness, a strong connection to the land and the absence of a social hierarchy.

Using sand as the main material gave the Majlis its form, fluidity and cushioning characteristics. Neoprene was the fabric of choice to contain the sand, which allowed the Majlis to take shape due to its high tensile strength. Furthermore, its water resistance, breathability and dust locking features made it an ideal fit. The walls and roof were constructed into a modern interpretation of the Areesh to commemorate its heritage and sustainability.

03Sketch Model

04Rendering and Execution Methodology


06Foam, Sand and Fabric



09FLOW Installation

10FLOW Installation

11LUCI team with FLOW – Winner of the Judge’s Choice Award in 5th INDEX Contemporary Majlis Design Competition 2013.

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