Highlights// Regional Galleries at Design Days Dubai 2016

Design Days Dubai comes back this year in its fifth edition with stronger representation from the Middle East. Galleries from the region are making up nearly half of the lineup as the fair has proven itself to be a strong launch platform for a young and creative generation of designers not just from the region but from around the world.

HKZ will highlight some of the most interesting regional galleries and designers to look forward to this year at Design Days Dubai 2016.

UAE, Dubai – Kalo

STRATUM by Ammar Kalo
Baltic Birch Wood, Polycrylic
70cm x 55cm x 40 cm

01-Ammar Kalo Stratum

From inception to 3D modeling, machine programming, assembly, and hand finishing, Kalo is solely responsible of his designs and products during the prototyping phase to ensure the highest level of design integration and quality.

Kuwait, Kuwait City – Loulwa Al-Radwan

PEACOCK by Loulwa Al-Radwan

02-PEACOCK by Loulwa Al-Radwan

Loulwa’s style is mainly influenced by Islamic and traditional designs with a modern twist, however, her work for this year’s Design Days Dubai has been exceptionally different. Her work is inspired by the natural beauty of peacock’s feathers, which includes a bookshelf, a mirror and a table all made from Carrara marble and brass.

Qatar, Doha – Aisha Al-Sowaidi

Midkhan – Aisha Al-Sowaidi
Glass (heat resistant/pyrex)

03-Midkhan GÇô Aisha Al-Sowaidi

Local people use the Midkhan on daily basis for the house, clothes, hair or body. However, all Midkhans have almost the same form regardless the usage. In this project the designer explored particular usage of this tool and designed a series of three different forms of Midkhans focusing on personal usage for clothes and hair.

Jordan, AmmanNaqsh Collection

Jaffa 2 by Nisreen AbuDail and Nermeen Abu-Dail
White Corian with brass and brass inlay

04-Jaffa 2 by Nisreen AbuDail and Nermeen Abu-Dail

Naqsh’s collection for this year has introduced the language of embroidery, where every group of stitches is referred to as a ‹unit›. From there comes their inspiration, stemming from our strong belief in the spirit of unity we created this line ‹Wihdeh›not only to shed light on the beauty of unification, but also to bring together the delights of our culture.

UAE, Dubai – Aljoud Lootah

Unfolding Unity Stool – Marble Edition by Aljoud Lootah
Carrara Marble

05-Unfolding Unity Stool-Marble Edition by Aljoud Lootah

Lootah will reintroduce the Unfolding Unity Stools, designed to explore the versatility of the structure by experimenting with various materials.

Lebanon, BeirutArt Factrum Gallery

Art Factum Gallery is a fresh space devoted to presenting all forms of contemporary art and design.

Choosing to mostly endorse local designers, Art Factum Gallery’s design shows serve to introduce new talents or propagate designers that have already launched their careers, all in all serving to emphasize the importance of contemporary Lebanese design. It is also important to highlight that the designers and the gallery itself tend to utilize local materials and crafts for the production of the design items.

06-Arlette by Karim Chaya

Arlette by Karim Chaya

Steel, Pony leather

07-Untitled, Lamp by Niko Koronis

Untitled, Lamp by Niko Koronis

Marble (black and white), glass, LED
21.7x36cm (small) 36x62cm (Large)

KSA, Riyadh & UAE, Dubai – Cities

Installation by Hawini
Steel – gunmetal finish, silk thread

08-Installation by Hawini

The Cities exhibit at Design Days Dubai shares the concept of “Orientalism Reinterpreted.” Each designer has chosen a recognizable design, structure, or motif that has been traditionally associated with our culture and offered a reinterpretation which shares not only the cultural aspects and traditions inherent to the object, but also challenges these conventional perspectives by pushing the boundaries.  The result is art and design that is cohesive, narrative and provides an accurate, modern definition of Orientalism.

UAE, Dubai – Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio

Cane Side Table by Fadi Sarieddine
Solid wood, MDF, paint, walnut veneer

09-Cane Side Table by Fadi SarieddineThe premise of Sarieddine’s booth is space and function. A tale of loose elements put together in a composition to serve a purpose without compromising on form. In an effort to make use of wasted space and scrap material, the booth will essentially revolve around upcycled objects splattered across walls and expanding through neglected spaces.

Lebanon, Beirut – Squad Design

Game Box 63 by Charles Nakhle
Avodire wood


Squad Design is showcasing several designers’ pieces under the concept of Intensified Lightness: One malleable object, altering its appearance to serve different functions with endless lightness & grace. Squad design is a Beirut-based contemporary furniture producer that endorses and sponsors young talents by realizing and exposing their work both at home and abroad.

Qatar, Doha- VCUQatar

Complete me by Yasmeen Suleiman
Clay, cotton rope, elastic cord
12x12x10 cm

11-Complete me by Yasmeen Suleiman

The MFA On the Go is an itinerant exhibition, exclusively showcasing current students and faculty projects. All of the works fit into custom-made cases, which were designed to meet the carry-on restrictions of major airlines. Each case explores a different design topic: customization, interaction, new production methods, social design and playfulness.

UAE, Abu Dhabi – Fatima bint Mohammad Initiative

Misnad and Uwairyan by Aljoud Lootah

12- Misnad and Uwairyan by Aljoud Lootah

Emirati designer Aljoud Lootah has created two carpets, Misnad and Uwairyan that reinterpret the geometric patterns of Al Sadu weaving. Al Sadu is a traditional indigenous weaving style using color and patterned motifs as decorative elements, entwined with elements of social artifacts and cultural values. The patterns used in Al Sadu are distinctive, featuring narrow bands of geometric forms.

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