Interview with Basma and Noura Bouza on Saudi Design Week 2018

Photos by Abdulmajeed AlRodan for Saudi Design Week

Saudi Design Week returned in its 5th edition to transform Riyadh city into a dynamic and interactive design platform with a theme that explored the concept of “Sustainability in Design”.


Oasis Magazine and the Saudi Design Week team launched the annual design event to exhibition innovative design, and support national and international designers.

Herskhazeen interviewed Basma Bouzo and Noura Bouzo, founders of SDW, this years theme, interpretations and participations. In addition to the role of SDW in the national and international design scenes.

 “This year’s event will surprise visitors in the capacity in which each designer has tackled sustainability. The event will immerse the visitor in the theme through products displayed and interactive installations that will put them at the center of “Sustainability and Design.” Say the Bouzo sisters on this year’s theme at SDW.


At the main exhibition of SDW, designers interpreted the main theme through several products, projects, and services. The event also featured a Design Forum consisting of talks and workshops that brought together thought leaders who are at the forefront of Sustainable design and practices.

Regarding the relationship between Sustainability and Design in Saudi Arabia, Basma and Noura stated that “Without appreciating and fostering sustainability we risk losing a lot of resources and this is a very important point that we would like all our designers to make this year.”


Saudi Design Week chose a theme that would tap into designers’ creativity and push them to explore subjects that are current and at the same time, broad enough not to limit their creativity.

Noura and Basma talked about the changes they noticed while curating the annual theme. One of the biggest noticeable changes is that the designers have become more accepting of challenges; whether these challenges are the circumstances that make it difficult for them to achieve their designs (unavailability of certain material or machines that would help create their designs) or challenges as simple as the annual theme. The designers have become more collaborative with each other creating a greater design community and better designs. A very important change has also come in the form of government support for the creative communities.


Saudi Design Week contributes to the overall economic, political and cultural prosperity of the design scene in Saudi Arabia. It acts as an educational platform and helps designers launch their careers by giving them support through placing them in internships with international designers and exhibiting their working internationally in events such as Salone del Mobile, London Design Week, Dubai Design Week, etc.


Basma and Noura ended the talk by stating, “Through SDW, we hope to foster a stronger and more visible local design community. Each year we pride ourselves in seeing Saudi designers tackle projects that were cultivated through the connections and conversations that transpired within every edition.”

More on Saudi Design Week soon.


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