Naked: beyond the social mask

Exhibition by: House of Today

Beirut, Lebanon

“Nowhere on earth has anyone seen A country so small, a destiny so vast.”

Charles Corm, La Montagne Inspirée, 1934

House of Today is dedicated to the enrichment of Lebanon’s design culture. Founded in 2012 and based in Beirut, House of Today is a non-profit organization that identifies, showcases, nurtures, and connects emerging Lebanese designers to a regional and global design network.  Established by the influential Lebanese entrepreneur, Cherine Magrabi Tayeb, it aims to support Lebanese design and to provide a platform for designers to build their profile and to speak to an international audience.

00Alter Ego by David Nicolas

The exhibition Naked: beyond the social mask was launched on the 16 December at Le Yacht Club, Beirut, Lebanon. The work collectively shares an intriguing mix of known Arabic forms, shapes and materials, with contemporary, international influences aimed at an international, global audience. An edit of Naked: beyond the social mask participated in Design Days Dubai this year.

Exhibition ambassador: Sam Baron

The invited designers: Marc Baroud, Sarah & Malak Beydoun, Valentina Carretta, Karim Chaya, Rami Dalle, david/nicolas, Najla El Zein, Noor Fares, Nabil Gholam & Guillaume Crédoz, Christian Haas, Dina Kamal, Fadi Mansour, Michele & Georges Maria, Claude Missir, Nabil Nahas, Elie Saab, Nagib Tabbah.

000UNI by Nabil Gholam & Guillaume Credoz

The winning participants (selected from an open call): Kamal Aoun, Tamara Barrage, Vrouyr Joubanian, Lea Rosa Kirdikian, Celine Stephan Eid.

Special Features by: Tala Hajjar, Azza Mahmassani, Cynthia Merhej/Gilles Khoury and Rouba Mourtada.

Vacancy by Celine Stephan Eid

01Vacancy by Celine Stephan Eid

02Vacancy by Celine Stephan Eid

(h) 70cm (ø) 60 cm, brushed brass and stainless steel finish.

A spotlight illuminates a timeless clock, an internal mechanism framed by a beautifully theatrical engineered table of steel and brass, and projected onto the ground. Beyond the spectacle of architecture, ‘the city’ remains stagnant, as vacant as a timeless clock.

Exposed 1 / Mirror by Claude Missir

03Exposed 1 / Mirror by Claude Missir

04Exposed 1 / Mirror by Claude Missir

Statuario marble, brushed yellow brass and blue plexi glass details.

Claude Missir shows a series of objects (mirror, valet and lamp) that although functional, represent one’s bare state. The double-sided mirror alludes to the truth behind those with two faces.

Showdown by Georges and Michele Maria

05Showdown by Georges and Michele Maria

06Showdown by Georges and Michele Maria

Table top in steel with brushed gunmetal finish. Underside weapons and legs set in resin.

The table goes beyond courtesies or diplomacies that belie hidden agendas. A series of resin weapons are just within reach of those around the table: choose your weapon and keep calm.

Second Skins by Tamara Barrage

Resin vase, gold leaf (collection includes various materials)

07Second Skins by Tamara Barrage

Second skins is a series of resin vases, born naked, equally unremarkable and lacking a clear, well defined identity. Once covered, each object gains its own characteristics through the materials and textures that conceal it, allowing it to express its own particular traits.

Sensorial Brushes by Najla El Zein

Variable sizes and materials: marble, eyelash, brass, feather, hay, nails.

08Sensorial Brushes by Najla El Zein (scratch)

09Sensorial Brushes by Najla El Zein (tickle)

The Sensorial Brushes collection emphasizes different senses through a set of peculiar brushes: marble sculpted pleasure tools. The sensations are enhanced with ordinary and unconventional materials.



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