“Qamt” by AAU Anastas

AAU Anastas
Edited by: Sulaf Al Halaseh

“Analogy” collection 

‘Qamt’ investigates the local and global exchange of techniques while tracing unseen analogies between architectural forms across borders.

” It is a circular bench”

Qamt is part of AAU Anastas’ ongoing research on the use of stone in architecture, Stone Matters project. And it is the second experiment presenting systems of lintels inspired by the sternotomy found in Jerusalem.

“A worldwide atlas of stone architectural elements.”

Serving as a functional element, as well as, an illustrative architectural fundamental element. With a diameter of 1.869 m with varying angles of 16.51, 17.17, 17.30, 34.6 for the dynamics of the circular bench creating the twinning effect.

Qamt has recently been acquired by the V&A and is on display for the first time for London Festival of Architecture.

Creating a vocabulary of stone use in contemporary architecture.

Stone Matters was born as a reaction to the systematic misuse of clad stone in Palestine. It is an experimentation-based research project examining the potential of:

  • Structural stone within the language of contemporary architecture
  • Combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative construction techniques.

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