Reflective Flow

38.5 m

Designed for the Al Hitmi office development in Doha, , Reflective Flow is a unique sculpture by day and an ever-changing chandelier by night. Suspended from a glass atrium between two office complexes, it snakes between the structures. Created from more than 2,300 hand-ground optical crystals and 55,000 LED lights, it is both the largest interactive LED light sculpture in the world and the largest chandelier.

Qatar achieved a Guinness World Record as the stunning “Reflective Flow” was unveiled at the Al Hitmi building on the Corniche and declared the largest chandelier in the world. The chandelier, comprising 2,500 different blocks of light and weighing in at 19,900kg, beat the previous record of 3,000kg. The artwork features groundbreaking technology, and changes color depending on the ambiance in the building and the moods of the people inside. “Reflective Flow” was designed by Beau McClellan and the Scottish-born designer told Gulf Times that launch represented a “very special moment” for him and his team. With the architecture of the Al Hitmi building based on an outcrop of two rocks, McClellan described his design as “a river of reflection” running through the rocks and keeping with the “organic” theme of the building. Although unable to confirm details, an official stated that discussions were being held for the building to be used by a prominent government authority.

This chandelier is 38.5 meter long lighting installation that snakes through the atrium of new offices built by Hitmi Property Development on. Not only is it the world’s largest chandelier, it is also the largest interactive LED light sculpture.

Consisting of 2,300 individually hand ground optical crystals, each shrouded on both sides by high quality pieces of concave glass and covered with a unique reflective coating, Reflective Flow uses some 55,000 LEDs which are controlled by a bespoke, state of the art control system. During the day, Reflective Flow is an organic art sculpture, constantly changing with its surroundings, but it is at night that it really comes alive. When light is introduced behind the glass frames, the unique coating becomes either fully or semi transparent allowing the sculpture to transform into an incredible ever-changing light piece.

Once the various sections of the chandelier had been delivered to Doha, the actual installation took just over a month, with Steve leading a team of five from Unusual Rigging and Engineering, plus six people from Beau McClellan Design. McClellan’s used the latest eco-friendly LED technology in his work to increase its energy efficiency. For example, optical crystal is used to help magnify the strength of LEDs to avoid using too much energy. If all the colors are turned on full to obtain a white light it uses about the same amount of energy as x 70 (100 watt bulbs).

Project Data:
Name: Reflective Flow
Location: Al Hitmi Property Development, Corniche, Doha, Qatar
Type: Lighting Installation, Pendant light, Organic Art sculpture
Materials: 55,000 LEDs
Materials Combination: Metal + Glass
Dimensions: 38.5 meter long
Color: Mix / Multi Color
Year: 2010
Client / Owner / Developer: The Al Hitmi office development
Lighting Designer:
Supplier of rigging and technical solutions: Unusual Rigging & Engineering LLC
Text Description: © Courtesy of Beau McClellan Design, ledsmagazine
Images: © Beau McClellan Design
Award: Largest interactive LED light sculpture in the world and the largest chandelier.




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