Sakeb: Reintroducing Terrazzo in Everyday Objects

Raghad Saqfalhait
Mariam Dahabreh

Sakeb by Raghad Saqfalhait and Mariam Dahabreh aims to reintroduce terrazzo in new and unexpected forms by creating everyday objects as a way of questioning the relation between material, form and function.

Terrazzo is a composite material that was widely produced and used in Palestine. However, its use has declined after the importation of porcelain.

Sakeb is the winning proposal for an open call by Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center to design everyday objects that can be used for functional or aesthetic purposes. It was financially supported by A.M. Qattan Foundations’s grant “Visual Arts: Development and Sustainability”.

The designers started experimenting with a monolithic pen design that is light and easy to use. The production process started with collecting marble chunks from local granite and marble suppliers that are dumped in landfills. Marble pieces are then crushed into aggregates and mixed with white cement, sand and water. The mixture is then poured into plastic molds and are taken out after 48 hours to be polished.

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