Sanctuary in the Sands

Kornkris Assakul
AA School in London
Concept – Graduation Project


Desert by Night – Solitude

The project aims to speculate on the social and experiential implications of inhabiting the desert, creating series of sanctuaries in the heart of the Sahara as part of a government initiative that aims to resettle those who have been displaced as a result of the changing climatic conditions as well as the recent conflicts in the region. It is hoped that the introduction of these settlements will also provide a level of governance through development rather than arms.


Distributed Infrastructure

Deployed in search of water, these sanctuaries will stretch across the desert providing those in the region with not only a reliable source of life sustaining water but also a base around which they may take the opportunity to settle while remaining within reach of other sites.




Transforming the Desert

Additionally, the project explores how the deployment of an alternative irrigation strategy may allow for the creation of sheltered zones and connective corridors by influencing the local wind patterns.

Through the deployment of a distributed water production network, the project investigates the consequential modalities and it is hoped that the gathering of communities around a network of shared water supplies will not only provide physical security but also resource security in what is largely an ungoverned territory.


Inflatable formwork – Cavernous Structures

Inflatable formwork was explored as a way to create cavernous structures that provide possibilities of inhabitation.







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