Semperit research & development centre

Najjar & Najjar

Semperit held a competition in 1999 for the design of a new research an development centre. Najjar & Najjar`s proposal for a metallic, shimmering building entailed “Tube” was chosen to represent the company`s innovative profile.


The curved shape might be read as referring to the company`s specialty, the forming of plastic and rubber.

The laboratories on the ground floor are entirely glazed, and a sky-lit tube sits on top of them. In the center is a hall providing access to all areas. A slanted cut-off end functions as a glazed opening towards the busy road.



The refined aluminum surface of the technoid- dynamic volume adequately suggests high production standards. In its perfectly slick appearance it seams to imitate the bodywork of a sports car. Owing to this immaculate facade, and the consequent high- quality realization from beginning to end, the project was awarded the Austrian Aluminum Award in 2002, and constitutes an interesting work for such a young team.




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Double Curved Aluminum Façade

The increase of the trend to design double curved surfaces is surely related to the emergence of 3D application tools for architects in the past 15 years. These tools offer the opportunity of reconsidering spatial design concept through rendering curved shapes.  The advancements of CAD programs and parametric design solutions have enabled such free form structures to be achieved and also form a new relationship with materiality.


The choice for aluminum as the material for cladding was evident; it is light, easy to shape, yet still very stable and completely rust-proof (which means maintenance is not required). This material is environmentally friendly, thanks to aluminum being 100% recyclable. In the end what is achieved is a cost effective, sustainable, light weight and elegant structure.


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