Soriano House by Beyt Architects


Beyt Architects in collaboration with Bac Estudio de Arquitectura

Edited by : Dana Al Qottob 


This residential project has two main design driving ideas: Firstly, a clean and efficient layout due to its

long and narrow plot size; and secondly the use of patios and louvers to create an interplay

of light and privacy throughout the house.


Volumetrically, the house is designed around a straightforward sloping 35 meter long facade

only broken by a strong element of bare concrete at its ground floor. The contrast between

the pure white volume and the concrete inlayed with wood textures, is accentuated with

the dialogue of an identical expression of vertical louvers in both volumes.


Three main patios connect the different floors: a small one at the entrance in the intersection

of both volumes, a second one connecting also with the underground, guides the stairs

through the vertical circulation, and the final one opens the dining room to the backyard.


The living room opens widely to the garden with a 4 meter long glass sliding door, and the

kitchen replicates the concept with an open corner that brings the landscape and the olive

tree inside the house as well as project the cooking area into the outside.


A bespoke bookcase frames the main staircase into the double height space opening into

the main living area,and the rest of the interiors have been left pure and neutral, letting the

materials and design speak by themselves.


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Project information :

Project name: Soriano House

Architecture firm: Beyt Architects in collaboration with Bac Estudio de Arquitectura

Building Engineer: Enrique Alario

Contractor: Nideker Houses

Pictures: Adrián Mora Maroto

Completion year: 2018

Project Location: Valencia, Spain

Project Type: residential


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