SPiNO by Suliman Innab

January 2015

SPiNO Collection was designed by the founder of Morph-X Design Studio- founder . Spino collection was selected for Ventura Lambrate 2015, so if you are in now, do not miss Milan Design Week and the opportunity to explore his unique collection.

SPiNO Collection, 2015, prototype | Description: Wood & Metal – Black, Green Blue

The underlying principle of this collection is the creation of a structurally sound, functional design that is also aesthetically pleasing. The design was conceived using different sections of wood and metal designed with different proportions to be adapted in various compositions.

One essential element of the SPiNO concept was for the wooden section to serve as the structural spine of the design, whether it was part of the overall design or strictly for structural purposes.

SPiNO Table, 2015, prototype | Description: Wood & Metal – Black

SPiNO Bench, 2015, prototype | Description: Wood & Metal – Black

The collection employs the principle of simplicity and flexibility of solid wood and metal components that easily transform into many functional pieces, a chair, a table and a bench, in each piece the wooden section is playing the main role and part of the structure as the SPINE.

Three powder coating colors selected to match perfectly the natural finish of the wood. The simple combination –either rough or finished- wood with the colored coated metal, gives it a design and style able to adapt in different contexts.

SPiNO Chair, 2015, prototype | Description: Wood & Metal – Red, Green Blue,  Black

Steel sections powder coated
Frake wood and 10 mm ply wood.

All pictures courtesy of Suliman Innab of Morph-x DESIGN STUDIO. All rights reserved 2015.

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