Stereo kitchen, bar and restaurant

Paul Kaloustian architects in collaboration with .PSLAB

01Photo by .PSLAB

02Photo by Joe Kesrouani

Situated on the rooftop of an office building, Stereokitchen is a versatile entertainment venue in Beirut designed by Paul Kaloustian architects. Its transparent open plan is designed to cater to both fine dining during the week and a more clubbing set-up on weekends. .PSLAB collaborated with the architects on the concept, design and fabrication of a ceiling that would reflect the versatility of the space and emphasize its open plan.

03Photo by .PSLAB

04Photo by .PSLAB

05Photo by .PSLAB

The indoor space consists of circular glass pavilion, overlooking a 360-degree panoramic terrace. The space is designed to eliminate visual obstructions and allow for maximum transparency. The concept of the ceiling follows through by creating an unobtrusive system that houses the lighting, climate control and sound systems.

The ceiling, made of demountable V-shaped perforated steel modules with a natural steel finish, was produced after taking different factors into consideration. Technically, due to the circular glass membrane of the space, the ceiling had to be tailor made to fit perfectly, creating a seamless flow of its continuous parallel modules. More than two hundred elements of the ceiling that were adjacent to the curved glass façade were measured on site and cut-to-size for installation.

Recessed ceiling lighting fixtures were distributed within the ceiling based on the varying functions of the venue. In addition to its technical functionality, the ceiling is designed to enrich the context spatially. The perforated triangular sections created a lighter feel for the existing concrete slab and produced a visual monolith connecting the indoor and the outdoor spaces together.

06Photo by .PSLAB

07Photo by .PSLAB

With varying height clearances at different points in the space, the ceiling also becomes a venue for human interaction. It becomes an object that people can approach, touch and feel in a sensory dimension beyond its mechanical components. In all of its projects, .PSLAB is keen on highlighting and creating this relationship between spaces, objects and people in the process of producing vivid sensorial experiences.

08Photo by .PSLAB

09Photo by .PSLAB

10Photo by Joe Kesrouani



13Exploded axonometric

Project data:

Collaborators: Viken Khatcherian, Jihane Kaloustian
Architect: Paul Kaloustian architects in collaboration with .PSLAB
Structure: Rodolphe Mattar
Metal Ceiling: collaborators PSlab
Owners: Joe and Nayla Mourani
Location: SAIFI, BEIRUT – Lebanon
Area: 500m2
Interior Area: 300m2
Date: 2014

14Photo by Ieva Saudargaite

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