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Terrazzo Floors and Plush Stairs in Sandra Mansour Showroom

Beirut, Lebanon

Marc Dibeh Studio 2018 Sandra Mansour’s new showroom in Beirut‘s Gemmayze district has been designed as a fresh, joyful and timeless space. In this large open volume, the stylist did not want to be burdened with furniture and accessories, highlighting her creations. The starting point was the floor: A seamless casting of terrazzo with different Read More

PERSONA Bar and Holder set by Elie Riachi

Beirut, Lebanon

Designer Elie Riachi unveiled his recent collection, titled PERSONA. The collection includes two playful pieces, one is a small bar and the second is a holder. PERSONA are statement pieces made from colored steel and solid walnut wood, where the steel wraps around to create an exoskeleton to hold the wooden component at the top. Read More

Distortion, a Series of Minimal Benches by Najla El Zein

New York, United States

Najla El Zein Images by Damien Arlettaz. Emotional distortion leads to changes of perception, intuition as well as confusion, affecting into new proportions of realities, an alteration of the self, the being, with an inner and outer transformation. Lebanese Artist and designer Najla El Zein created a series of collectible benches that were presented at the Salon Art Read More

Time is Measured by Distance

Marrakesh, Morocco

Saba Innab 2016 Time is Measured by Distance, is composed of two sculptures made of cement and plaster. The work was built on site at the Badi Palace for Marrakesh Biennial 2016. “The memorials which your own and other nations have once had of the famous actions of mankind perish in the waters at certain Read More

The Museum of Civilization

Beirut, Lebanon

GM Architects 2014 A view of the museum from the monolith. Image © GM Architects The Museum of Civilization will be sited in Martyr’s square, Beirut, and take the form of an excavation in the earth. Visitors will enter the excavation on a scaffolding system that is 20 meters by 60 meters in area, with Read More