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Muharraq, Bahrain

The entire building functions as the entrance to the cultural heritage and the foyer for the Medina.
The site contains ruins that form part of the UNESCO Pearling Path.

Maraya by Giò Forma Studio Associate

Al Ula, KSA

The “maraya” is an architectural work of Land Art, a vision created by the extraordinary natural and social history around it.

The Kabariti Village by ARINI

Amman, Jordan

Amman Design Week celebrated its third edition under the theme of ‘Possibilities’ in 2019, focusing on the growing experimentation in the use and application of materials found in Jordan.

“Qamt” by AAU Anastas

London, UK

‘Qamt’ investigates the local and global exchange of techniques while tracing unseen analogies between architectural forms across borders.

The Hangar Exhibition at Amman Design Week 2019

Amman, Jordan

The Hangar Exhibition, curated by Noura Al Sayeh-Holtrop, featured the work of over fifty designers from the Middle East and North Africa for Amman Design Week 2019 Edition.

Decoration One Boutique by Bisher Tabbaa

Amman, Jordan

A boutique for a rising Jordanian brand that aims to fuse modern designs with Islamic motifs.
The recent renovation project brings the interior design store to life by inviting customers to use the space through the addition of a café and a garden that hosts cultural events.

Sakeb by Raghad Saqfalhait & Mariam Dahabreh

Ramallah, Palestine

Sakeb aims to reintroduce terrazzo in new and unexpected forms by creating everyday objects as a way of questioning the relation between material, form, and function. Terrazzo is a composite material that was widely produced and used in Palestine. However, its use has declined after the importation of porcelain.

% ARABICA by Nendo Inc

Kuwait City, Kuwait

New Interior design for Arabica’s latest Coffee shop is located on the eastern coast of Kuwait, a new branch for the original shop from Higashiyama, Kyoto.

Basuna Mosque by Dar Arafa Architecture

Suhaj, Egypt

For 300 years the Abu Stait Mosque has been Basuna’s main mosque. It was built and rebuilt a couple of times.
The new design attempts to increase the capacity of the mosque in terms of the numbers of the worshippers, as well as in the quality of spaces and services.

The Coffee Lab by Amani Tabaza

Amman, Jordan

A concrete envelope that wraps the shiny elements inside in order to attract the eye from outside.
a small escape around the corner of a medical district. The interior consists of chemical modules, periodic table elements, a concrete envelope from ceiling to floor and rose gold metal components.

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