The Fireworks & Explosions

Ghassan Salameh

Ghassan Salameh – a Lebanese Designer – shared with us his latest two projects The Fireworks & Explosions and The Arthropod Line.

From the designer “My vision for the entire collections is to inspire people to be diverse and open to possibilities using light – a natural element with such tremendous impact on all forms of life, that exploring its full potential should not stop at being my own creative choice, but also become my audience’s imaginative impulse.”


The Fireworks & Explosions Limited Line – Explosions are incidents holding always a negative connotation. Usually those events leave physical, material and emotional damage causing people to be traumatized for a period of time. This project attempts to change that stigma about countries going through explosions by representing this act in a beautiful form introducing the idea that these countries also have a beautiful side to them and should not only be recognized by those dramatic events.



The Arthropod Line – Distinguished by their exoskeleton and jointed, high-mobility limbs, arthropods are one of the most omnipresent groups of living organisms on the planet. Remarkably, the enormous variety of eye designs and light-capturing mechanisms found in various arthropod species alludes to the extent to which nature has innately attempted to develop solutions for helping its fellows in overcoming their visual limitations… Thus comes the inspiration for this line of steel fixtures, focusing most of all on versatility in favor of the general, specific, or exceptional mood desired by my audience.




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