The Handmade and The Heartmade, Inside Nada Debs new studio and boutique

Text: Farah Abdel Jawad
Photos curtsey of Nada Debs Design Studio

Nada Debs launched her new studio and boutique concept located in a historic 1930s residential block in Beirut, Lebanon. The studio/boutique is designed as an office for the growing team  and an open-door welcoming space to allow  people to get ‘up, close and personal’ with the  brand.

Nada Debs Studio

Nada broke down the phrase saying that “Up”resemble the motion of going up the staircases of the historically-rich Lebanese building that leads the way to her studio. “Close”portrayed the connection and relationship between objects in her space and the people. In an attempt to break the transactional and formal barriers of design, Nada allows people to closely feel their way through the spaces and pieces. As for “Personal”, Nada explained, echoes the identity and personality replicated throughout the space that designer Nada tries to naturally create between the people, her space and the displayed pieces.

Nada Debs Office

Studio Nada Debs welcomes visitors with a small entrance that leads to a series of rooms and spaces transformed for multiple usages amongst them:

The Gallery is the long corridor that plays the role of both an exhibition and a working space.

The Sample Room is an area dedicated for designers and clients to meet and explore designs. Designer Nada comments that “It is at the heart of the business, where we put our newly created craft samples there for inspiration for future use”.

The Studio is the main working area for the design team.

The Workshop is a space for hands-on experimentation with cutting, block printing and craftsmanship.

Nada’s Space is where designer Nada displays her personal collection of her vast experiences from various travels.

The Two Salons go under Studio Nada Debs where classic pieces. Furniture and art are displayed alongside other more contemporary prototypes and launches.

Nada Debs Boutique

All in all, designer Nada has truly reflected her vision and personality through this place which acts as a celebration of personal expressions of what we think, live, work and believe in. Nada Debs created more than a creative place displaying artistic pieces but rather a working, social and creative environment that fuses together crafts, design, creativity and technology. It is this atmosphere that allows people to share, touch, see and experience the design world differently that makes it an overall highly-regarded success in the region.

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