UAE Design Stories: The Next Generation from The Emirates

Milan, Italy
Dubai, UAE


UAE Design Stories: The Next Generation from The Emirates, an exhibition highlighting some of the brightest Emirati talents that will appear at this year’s Salone Del Mobile International Design Fair, the world’s largest design fair.


Khalid Shafar, an accomplished product designer whose works have been widely exhibited in leading exhibitions and galleries across the region and the world, curated the exhibition that will be held in Milan, Italy from 17–22 April, 2018 as part of Salone Del Mobile International Design Fair. The exhibition will showcase the current design pieces, artwork and projects for ten Emirati designers.

This event will be the first in a series of UAE Design Stories exhibitions. The event will focus on ‘Emirati Landscape: Flora, Fauna and Soil.’ The journey will then move to the London Design Festival in September for the second exhibition entitled ‘Nomadism: Yesterday & Now’ where the same ten designers will display uniquely commissioned pieces.


  • Zeinab Alhashemi, San’am Rug


The designers and their commissioned design pieces will return to their hometown for the finale of the series of exhibitions that be held as part of Dubai Design Week from 13 – 19 November.


The participating Emirati Designers:

  • Alia Mazrooei, an interior designer, will present ‘Stingray’, a piece of furniture inspired by the body and movement of stingrays.
  • Aljoud Lootah, a multi-disciplinary designer, will display the ‘AlAreesh Stool’, a piece of furniture constructed from dried plain fronds of palm leaves.
  • Roudha Alshamsi, an interior designer, will showcase two pieces; Acacia 11 and Acacia 111 designed through the study of local Emirati wildlife and landscape.
  • Zeinab Alhashemi, a conceptual artist and designer, will display ’San’am Rug’, a modular rug made from double-sided authentic camel leather.
  • Latifa Saeed, an artist and designer, will present ‘Kinestic Khoos – Fly’, created by using traditional materials and techniques.
  • Azza Al Qubaisi, a sculpture and product designer, will showcase the ‘Yareeda Bench’ using kurab (wide palm trees).
  • Alia bin Omair, a jewelry designer, will present her ‘Leaf’ collection inspired by palm tree fiber.
  • Salem Al-Mansoori, an interdisciplinary designer, will present 3D printed sculptures developed using an algorithmic, generative code-based process.
  • Abdalla AlMulla, an architect, will display two pieces; Instrinsic Flux, a wall installation and OctWov Cluster, a well-designed table.
  • Ahmad AlAreef, a Bedouin Emirati artist, who always seeks to explore and experiment, will display a projection focused on the formation of sand dunes.
  • Bader Najeeb, a self-taught home cook, will fuse design and food to create a truly unique culinary experience.

For more regional designers exhibiting at Salone Del Mobile International Design Fair, check out kutleh by the Jordanian Architect Rula Yaghmor and the work of the Emarati designer Ammar Kalo 

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