Unit and Diaspora, 180 sun dials representing the concentration of the Palestinian diaspora

Palestinian embroidery serves as a tool that tells the history of the Palestinian people. It shows the beauty of their culture and heritage.“


Nisreen and Nirmeen Abu Dail from Naqsh collective continue to experiment with Palestinian embroidery for their latest art exhibition.  Showcasing its intricacies, creativity and diversity, and most importantly how it uses different material and functions to continue to be relevant.

This particular exhibition “Unit and Diaspora – وحدة وشتات”, embedded the cross-stitch in 180 uniquely designed sun dials. These outstanding pieces are scattered in an open field to reflect the concentration of the Palestinian diaspora in different parts of the world.

“The dial itself is made of fragile lime stone that gets chipped when moved, much the same way as what happens when one moves away from their land” says Naqsh collective.

The brass gnomon is designed taking into consideration the right angle of the country that belongs to it, reflects the unwavering strength of the Palestinian identity. Each gnomon is engraved with a unique design of one unit of Palestinian embroidery pattern.

The set up in an open field also symbolizes the strong connection between the Palestinian people and the land.


About Naqsh:

Through delicate finishing and fine machine production ebbing with ingenuity, nisreen and nermeen abu dail founded naqsh collective in Amman, Jordan in 2010. naqsh collective instantly became a conceptual framework reflected in the unique pieces of art and their intricate collaboration with design. A harmonious union between the oriental and the modern; Naqsh integrates aspects of art, architecture and heritage through minimalism that brushes on sophistication.

The two sisters are one of eight finalists for the prestigious Art Jameel prize awarded by the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) and supported by Art Jameel for their work, The Shawl.

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