WeaveX, Arish Urban Installations

ard ارض and DesignAware collaborated on a series of urban installations, entirely fabricated using locally sourced date palm fronds “Arish”.

WeaveX was presented during Dubai Design Week 2018 at Dubai Design District to create a dialog between parametric design and the vernacular architecture of the Emirates. This collaboration is a strong attempt to promote a contemporary revival of disappearing crafts and local materials, and to realize their significance in a world of depleting resources.

Arish or palm frond vernacular building craft uses locally-sourced, biodegradable material, and is not only a relic of the history and rich cultural heritage of the Arabian Peninsula, but also addresses pressing issues of environmental concern and sustainability with technology passed down from generation to generation. It has resolved waste creation and disposal by finding use for the 420 million date palm fronds sent to landfills in the UAE alone each year. The knowledge of the methods of Arish architecture is now concentrated to Bedouin crafts persons and confined to art, craft and household accessories manufactured and sold by small-scale industries.

WeaveX is a series of urban interventions in the form of installations, sculptures and pavilions proposed for installation during Dubai Design Week 2018 and beyond. These design experiments explore possibilities of building in date palm fronds using vernacular methods adapted to complex geometries and minimal surfaces, which have never before been built in Arish.

HypeX, is the first installation of the WeaveX series seen at Dubai Design Week 2018, at the Block d3. HypeX is a versatile, zero-waste, installation derived from a hyperbolic paraboloid. Straight lines are turned at varying angles to create a twisted surface that appears to be curved. When standing on two corners, HypeX serves as an inviting archway and creates possibilities of multiple user interactions from various distances. On two sides, the HypeX orients itself to function as a sundial with numbers arranged radially around it and creates a 360 degree visual and experiential sculpture. HypeX 1.0 is the first in the series and is installed at the The Block on the Dubai Creek waterfront for Dubai Design Week. 

Apart from design experiment, WeaveX aims to raise awareness about vernacular construction methods and their potentially significant role in sustainable and responsible design and architecture.

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