Your Guide for Amman Design Week 2017

Text by Mohammad Aljabi for Herkhazeen

If you’re planning to visit Amman Design Week 2017 (if you haven’t already), this article will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the event and what to visit. Amman Desing week is running until October 14th.

An overview of the event’s venues © Mohammad Aljabi

This year’s theme, titled “Design moves life moves design”, is notably visible through most of the exhibited work. The pieces are either physically moving or emotionally moving and stimulating. The exhibition curator Ahmad Humaid, the codirectors of ADW Abeer Seikaly and Rana Beiruti and the principal architect of the event Dina Haddadin succeeded in realizing the vision intended for this year’s fair, bringing to life a holistic show covering all streams of design and culture.

Below is the list of spaces you can visit and enjoy this year

1- The Hanger Exhibition and the Gallery Ras Alain Plaza

The hanger presents works by local and regional designers in response to the theme of ‘movement’. The exhibited pieces varied in its physical, intellectual, cultural and social aspects.

The Hanger and Ras Alain Gallery © Mohammad Aljabi

The Hanger Panorama © Mohammad Aljabi

Overview of the hanger exhibition © Omar Dababneh

From the directors: The exhibition stands as a testimony to how design challenges our contemporary reality, learns from it, adapts with it, changes it – design that moves life and is moved by it.

Outdoor plaza © Mohammad Aljabi

The outdoor plaza contains several installations that correspond to the there, some of them creates physical movements as it responds to passers-by and the others are emotionally moving as they are intended to generate awareness to pressing issues such as water drought and the fragile nature of the Dead Sea in Jordan.

The Student Exhibition

The Student Exhibition space at Gallery Ras Alain © Mohammad Aljabi

The student exhibition is the result of the mentorship program that matched 20 students with their mentors. The mentors developed and shaped the ideas and proposals, helping the students reach their developed and polished exhibited items. The exhibition features pieces that differ from fashion to furniture and product design.

The Stream السيل

A colossal structure that pays tribute the Amman Stream that was streaming in its location and now buried underneath. It’s 100-meter long structure that is hosting a local crafts market, the Mouneh or Preserving Market and a series of installation.

The Stream © Amman Design Week 2017

It was built using a temporary system made of scaffolds and finished with tensiled light-weight fabric. Furthermore, the shops were built using used and weathered bread cages and reclaimed wood.

The installation was commissioned by Amman Design Week and designed by Dina Haddadin with the assistance of Khalid Ali, Norma Qupti and Mohammad Alhuneiti.

The area also includes the Mobile Maker Space, developed by Haya Bustami and Walid Jankhut. The mobile space was recently on a tour around Jordan, spreading knowledge, techniques, and skills to different communities of all ages and backgrounds around the kingdom

The Craft of Making

© Amman Design Week 2017

Curated by Shermine Sawalha, the area celebrates local heritage and supports the creative economy.  This area showcases different artisanal crafts in the process of making with local and regional artisans from different communities around Jordan.

The area is built to resemble a maze and is constructed from discarded wooden boxes that were once used to transport money from banks.

The area also includes Zain’s cultural space where live performances and talks are taking space.

The program also includes an amazing number of tours, talks, and workshops happening all over Amman. you can find more details here.

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